WLU Registration Guide

Course registration

As Team MOSEEY, Wilfrid Laurier University tasked us with enhancing the registration process for both incoming and mature students. Our solution involves redesigning the registration guide, focusing on visual clarity by reducing text and ensuring easy access to program-related non-restricted electives.

My Role

I collaborated throughout the whole design process with Team MOSEEY. Mainly contributed during the early ideation and prototype stages; brainstorming, sketching, visual design, and testing.

I conceptualized and designed the foundational layout for the gold solution, including prototyping the final mockup.


Mason Wright

Olivia Albin

Simrit Dihillon

Elise Vanderwindt

Emily Xiao


Sept - Dec 2019

(4 months)


Adobe XD, Google Slides & Docs, IDEO’s “The Field Guide to Human-Centered Design”



"Make the Laurier registration process easier for students." Our clients tasked us with addressing their initial challenges, including:

  • Not enough students are using registration resources and tools

  • Laurier receives numerous repetitive emails and phone inquiries

Design Challenge

Our project faces constraints such as:

  • Can't change any of the registration platforms or resources

  • Solution has to be centred on changing the previous design

  • No costly additions could be added to the guide (e.g. chatbots)

How might we streamline the process of course registration and reduce student confusion?



Gold Solution

The gold solution was designed for the future and was created with the most ideal solution in mind. We implemented a fourth step within the guide, a search filter, and added video tutorials.

Checkout our prototype showcasing each step below. (38 sec)

Silver Solution

The silver solution was designed for the present, with client restrictions in mind, for easier implementation. We reduced the text, added more graphics, and included searchable PDFs.

What it looks like today

Check out how our ideas are being implemented on the current Course Registration Guide.



As a team, we conducted interviews gather qualitative data to identify what aspect of the registration process students found challenging. Following interviews with students from various programs and years, we identified the following major issues:



Students had difficulty navigating the registration guide with the text heavy content and repeated links, making them confused.



Students had issues finding the appropriate electives they were able to take, which caused increased frustration.


Year 1 | 18 years old

“I love school, but doing my classes online has been really tough, and I feel like I’m not learning anything at all.”

  • Unfamiliar with resources, tools, processes

  • Limited connections to other students

  • Already stressed from high school exams


After understanding and identifying needs and pain points, we set some goals and started ideating potential solutions.


Search Filter

Allow students to find required courses and electives easier.


Reduce Text

Reduce text heavy content and add more graphics, video tutorials, and other visuals to help students identify important elements and ease navigation.


Emphasize Electives

Add another step dedicated for finding electives while also clarifying students on restrictions and how ot navigate around it.

Using whiteboards, we mapped out the process of the existing registration process and begin conceptualizing our solution.

Wireframing & Prototyping

We created wireframes and an interactive prototype with Adobe XD.

Changing assumptions

After user testing, we discovered that our icon for Foundation (F) courses was perceived as a symbol of failure by students. We change the icon for ‘Foundation’ courses (F) to Brantford Foundation (BF) courses to avoid reinforcing the negative mental model they had.






This was my very first client UXD project! This project helped kickstart my path in the world of UX/UI. It was the first time I collaborated on a design project with fellow UXD friends.

From using post it notes during ideation to learning how to prototype in Adobe XD, working on this project allowed me to apply what I’ve learned in class into the real world. I learned how to apply design processes, collaborate within a team, and navigate client constraints. Seeing the significance of our work strengthened my dedication as a designer, motivating me to consistently learn and actively seek future design opportunities.

The journey ends, but curiosity begins

Have questions, feedback, or a cool challenge? Send me a message—I'm ready for the adventure!

The journey ends, but curiosity begins

Have questions, feedback, or a cool challenge? Send me a message—I'm ready for the adventure!

The journey ends, but curiosity begins

Have questions, feedback, or a cool challenge? Send me a message—I'm ready for the adventure!